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"The only thing worse than not delivering a product, is delivering a poor quality product"

Quality assurance and control is our number one concern and priority.  You can rest assured that no mass production will begin without a detailed pre-production prototype approval and review process.

Before entering into any sourcing relationship we closely evaluate our client's requirements for fabric, fit, finish, and packaging.  Pacific will only produce garments in facilities where we can assure that product quality will meet our exacting standards and exceed customer expectations.

"Final inspection at the end of production is important but it is not quality control"

Once the pre-production approval and review process has been satisfactorily completed, on site QC personnel that work only for us are stationed at the fabric mills and garment factories to conduct detailed inspections during and after the production process.  They file reports daily and are guided by a scalable structured inspection format that has been developed over many years of experience.  By closely checking ongoing production we can better catch problems should they arise and make the necessary corrections before it
is too late.

Product Testing

We have extensive experience working with numerous global textile testing labs such as CTL, MTL, and Intertek and we are well versed in the testing requirements of major retailers such as Walmart, Target, JCP, Gap, Old Navy, Kohls and Sears.